About Restivo Monacelli, LLP

At Restivo Monacelli, we get you. We’re more than just a leading accounting firm... we also bring to the table a forward-thinking team of top-notch strategic advisors who provide smart, sound advice that delivers results for you and adds value to your business.

Our clientele includes public and private businesses in a number of industries, nonprofit organizations, and high-income and high-net-worth families and individuals. Restivo Monacelli takes seriously our role in growing and protecting your assets, and our strategic advisors use their dozens of years’ experience living and working in New England to make recommendations that make sense.

Restivo Monacelli brings together advisors with deep industry and business expertise so we can deliver a trusted team of strategic advisors to help you navigate issues of risk management and business growth. Whether your business is large, small or mid-sized, public or private, we understand how to provide the resources you need to manage and grow your business effectively.

At Restivo Monacelli, we think like business owners, not accountants.

Our Difference
Simply put, we are committed to your financial well-being, so we use best practices to build a smart, lean team of forward thinkers who add value to your business. How do we do that?

  • We invest in education for our people so they can bring you the benefit of industry trends.
  • We provide you with more resources than many firms twice our size...resources you can use to grow your business now and in the future.
  • We have extensive quality control measures because we know that you need a good work product on time, every time.
  • We use technology extensively to track production and deliver information in easy-to-use formats to save you time and money.
  • We have an extensive disaster recovery plan that uses the latest advances so you can rest assured that your financial information is secure. Our safeguards include:
    • Offsite data storage in a controlled environment
    • Onsite security
    • Power backups for all servers
    • Controlled data center